To know the best applications to play or edit video that have been positioned this year 2022, you must have a device with an Android or IOS system to download the application.

It is essential to have our mobile device with the most recent updated firmware to be able to play our videos with the necessary codecs and plugins to see it in the highest resolutions.

To be able to watch a video in high resolution at more than 60 fps and 4k without any problem and smoothly, it is necessary to know the programs that can help us carry out this procedure.

One of the programs with the most demand and that has positioned itself since its inception is the VLC player that can be obtained for both Android and iOS.

This program has a variety of tools, among which its high content of plugins and codecs stands out to play practically any multimedia file in high definition.

In addition, Wondershare Filmora can also be highlighted, which is an advanced and intuitive video editor, which is available for both platforms in a free and paid version.

This program has established itself among the editors’ favorites since it simplifies the ability to produce a video file with good standards and its ability to be uploaded to platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, among others.