To create a model video and upload it later to YouTube, it must be taken into account that it is required to have a new generation device if it is to edit in resolutions up to 4k.

In order to create a model video, if you work from a computer, the equipment must have adequate characteristics to support the rendering at the time of editing.

The programs that are recommended for computers by category, we can mention Adobe After Effects and Sony Vegas, which are professional programs to carry out a high-end edition.

Before creating a model video, you must have basic knowledge in video editing using these programs, which you can find tutorials on the YouTube platform from 0 to advanced level.

There are also programs to create a model video on recent generation mobile devices such as Kinemaster, Inshot, Filmora among others.

Creating a model video prior to being released is vital to be able to create quality content as demanded by the online platforms.