To be able to watch online videos, it is necessary to have the web browser that is being used updated and thus be able to reproduce them without problems.

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It is common that we find problems where the videos are not reproduced due to not having the most recent update of the application that is being used or the site that is being visited.

That is why here we explain what to do when a video does not play online and be able to fix it without major setbacks from the browser and for this you must go to the debugging tool.

Browsers such as Chrome or Firefox have this tool to be able to debug the browser. This usually happens due to a javascript error and it will be enough to reset the browser to its default configuration.

When this problem occurs within platforms such as Youtube, Vimeo, Twitch etc. You should go to the technical support of the sites by sending a message and commenting on how to solve debugging problems online.

These problems usually occur in devices with discontinued systems or old versions of their firmware such as android or IOS, in the same way it can happen in old versions of Windows.