When editing a video online, we must take into account the positions in its timeline to be able to segment the clips that really interest us.

Positions must be established prior to editing and mark the exact frame in order to be able to edit it successfully online.

Platforms such as YouTube offer us tools to be able to edit our videos in a basic and smooth way, where they offer us a range of gadgets to be able to publish quality videos.

It is worth mentioning that these social platforms support videos up to 8k resolution and guaranteeing that at the time of its launch the video quality is not lost.

When live broadcasts are made both in games and lives, it should be taken into account that at the end of the broadcast, the video can be saved to later be edited.

The technological elements to be able to edit a quality video previously, the positions as a last generation video device must be taken into consideration, be it a mobile phone or video camera.