Widgets are a fundamental tool in the development of our website, since they simplify the direct access of certain applications in an elegant and practical way.

There are a variety of widgets to personalize our website and in the multimedia section you can find them to add video files with a personalized style.

The companies that offer us the development of our web site, simplify this device in such a way that any type of content that we want to place can be integrated.

For example widgets for direct access to VIDEO content such as Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook Watch, DailyMotion among others.

Widgets are found in all technological devices such as cell phones, tablets and smart TVs. Its use is essential to be able to organize in a practical way the accesses of applications of VIDEO, Radio, Music, Photos and more.

Technology offers us a variety of tools to be able to develop our website with great fluidity, and the VIDEO widgets are an essential element to give the necessary performance to our website.