Accede a la información completa de los videos exclusivos que se generan en las historias y para ello basta con abrir los enlaces que se generan para visualizar el contenido completo de lo más buscado en internet. Dia a dia surgen nuevas tendencias y acá te mostramos cómo.

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In order to view the latest videos of the generated stories, it is important to have basic knowledge of web browsing.

Exclusive videos generate high traffic on the network and that is why it is necessary to mask through links in order to be redirected and see the full content.

It is recommended to have updated browsers such as chrome, opera, safari, firefox among others.

An exclusive video can have a high demand for views and as can be seen in this case, its viewing is fluid due to the redirection through the link.

It is worth mentioning that both in a computer and in mobile phones the performance is the same, because advances in technology demand it and you can see it this way.